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On August 1st 1984, Businessman and precious stone expert Günter Henrich and Roland Denzel, Goldsmith, Inventor and Engineer, incorporated their company as Henrich & Denzel GmbH located in Radolfzell; a small town perched on the shores of lake Constance shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Both founders were fascinated by the coolness of platinum, a tenacious and technically challenging precious metal requiring but also offering new expressions of form. The motto of their venture was to create contemporary jewelry with a lasting design-quality to eventually become a classic. To achieve this goal, they defined the following Henrich & Denzel guidelines: «Concise contemporary expression of form» – «cultivated luxury» The Henrich & Denzel design is based on the Bauhaus tradition of perfected reduction to the essential and its outstanding quality of proportion, detail and material. It is continuously enhanced to include contemporary elements of modern design. Henrich & Denzel jewelry with its apparent simplicity raises emotions just as it does with its sensuous fluidity and softness, the result always being a sensation of esthetic beauty and perfection. Functionality and comfort of wear are inseparable aspects of this esthetic quest and countless prototypes are created and dismissed until a collection meets the ambitious criteria of Henrich & Denzel. Henrich & Denzel works exclusively with genuine base materials of highest purity provided by nature and the maintaining of a strict forthrightness in regards to metals and stones is a trademark.

It is at Henrich & Denzel, where the pride of accomplishment in a traditional trade, knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art technology leads to perfection, strictly made in Germany. In more than two decades, Henrich & Denzel achieved to cultivate acorporate spirit of complicity and team-work, dedication, performance and dependability amongst it’s highly qualified staff of individual crafts-men and women, which is apparent in every Henrich & Denzel product and which is continuously passed along to young trainees. Thus, the international reputation of Henrich & Denzel as a leading German Jewelry manufacture is a merit of the entire team contributing passion, character and pride to reach the highest goals.

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